Welcome to The Tarkov Diaries

Welcome! The Tarkov Diaries is an idea I had when I realized every time I played Escape from Tarkov I wanted to tell someone about my experiences. So I’ve decided to start a blog! I plan to chronicle my time in Tarkov and the lessons I learn along the way. I am by no means an expert but I hope by sharing my experiences others may find it educational. So regardless of who you are I hope I can entertain and inform you!

What to look forward to!

Tarkov is a complicated place, my hope is to help newcomers by sharing my experiences! I have a bunch of topics I wish to cover with one off posts. My focus however will be on the 2 series I have planned:

  1. A Day in Tarkov: This is literally what inspired me to make this blog, to share my “day to day” experiences as I play the game and do raids.
  2. Tarkov Lessons: Like I’ve said before, I am a beginner that is learning, so I intend to post about various lessons I learn.